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I sometimes Live Stream!
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28/09/2023 - 17/09/2023 - Inspiring Explorers Expedition to South Georgia with Antarctic Heritage Trust - Selected as a member of the visual arts team to create images showcasing the beautiful minutiae of this utterly spectacular and remote island.

13/04/2023: Magnifying the Microverse at Capital E: A fun educational workshop where 16 children aged 7-12 got to become Microscope artists for the day!

07/04/2023: Morphic Musings - Collaborative Audio-Visual Projections for contemporary dancer Georgia Beechy

07/01/2023: Tactile Society - Microscope Projections for bands and DJs at a wonderful mini-arts festival in Whakatū, Nelson.

31/12/2022: Dojo Ambient Night - Microscope Projections for a range of talented live-ambient musicians at Twisted Frequency Festival.

08/10/2022: Microscope Projections @ Pajamas, private party in Neukoln, Berlin.

29/07/2022: Microscope Projections & interactive treasure hunt at Peloton Festival a La Vounaise, Switzerland.

08/07/2022: If Walls Could Talk - Microscope Projections as part of a unique Variety Schow @ Haus der Statistik, Berlin.

18/01/2022: Exploring Microworlds @ ZEALANDIA EcoSanctuary - Educational Holiday Programme workshop.

1/1/2022: Twisted Frequency Festival - Live Microscope VJ set @ The Dojo

18/12/2021: ??? Mary Hush ??? - Live Liquid Projections @ Private 70s-themed party

30/10/2021: Sensonaut-y Secret Party - Live Liquid Projections @ Sensonauts Party

16/10/2021: Art Market @ MEANWHILE Gallery

11/08/2021: PereScope @ Commonspace - 5hrs of live liquid projections & generative synthscapes

I'm open to working with artists, musicians, galleries, education providers, expeditionary crews and more - anybody with a vision and a dream to collaborate!
Events I take part in as PereScope involve live projected demonstrations of microscopic phenomena, interactive workshops, thr production of mindblowing images of subjects of interest and more. This can be a fluid display, similar to the liquid light shows of the 60s and 70s to accompany music, or an interactive/educational exploration in which curious minds (young and old) can examine their heart's desire up close! If you are planning an event and would like to collaborate, please do not hesitate to
contact me.


No upcoming events at the moment

29/05/2021: Audio Visual Collab w/@cyberboy666 @ Bakery (VIDEO LINK) 

21/05/2021: Integration 2.0: 
Cabin Fever (Live Microscope Projections)

16/05/2021: LIVE Microscopic Explorations @ ArtJam! (Newtown Community and Cultural Centre)

06/05/2021: Audio Visual Collab w/@destroywithscience @ Art Hack (VIDEO LINK)

27/01/2021: KiwiBurn 2021: Live Microscope Projections @ CreatureLab


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