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We spent most of 2021 transforming Grains into an explosive 5-piece ensemble. We're so stoked with the feedback that we've received and are grateful to those who have come to see us play despite the current conditions being less than favorable for gigs as we know and love 'em.

With COVID postponements causing headaches for all in the music industry, we've decided to now turn our attentions to getting some content recorded.

In the meantime, we figured we'd do a sneaky release. Here we present "Dualism", a 4-track EP of compliment and contrast, of light and dark, of dance and atmosphere. This EP is a fruit of our project's electronic roots as the ambient-synth-dance-duo. As our project continues to evolve, we hope to hone our live performances over the summer ahead, after which we might have a cup of tea, a lie down and scheme up the plans for an album with the band.

↗↗ Until then, we hope these tracks take you to ecstatic heights and contemplative depths ↘↘

Released November 27, 2021

Music by Calum Turner and Perry Hyde

Mastering by Lachie Mears


Limited Edition Merch

Get your hands on the first official range of Grains merchandise!


We are producing only FIVE premium giclée prints of the album art for each of our Grains-duo releases Dualism and Zeta (ζ). 


Purchase any one of these prints and you will also get a free digital download of both.

Purchase both and heck, we'll be stoked enough to put you on the door of our next gig, we'll also send you an exclusive unreleased demo!

⇜ Click the album art!


Music Videos

Check out these awesome videos our friends have made for tracks on this release!

Check out our YouTube here.

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