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 Zeta (ζ)

Calum Turner and Perry Hyde formed Wellington-based synth-duo Grains. Entering orbit in August 2019, they left mysterious crop-circles from their sonic spaceship on a number of paddocks throughout the Kiwi festival season.From the silence of the void comes ζ, their debut two-track electronic space odyssey that will abduct you on a cosmic journey pulsing with energy and twinkling with starry vistas.

Released September 19, 2020

Music by Calum Turner and Peregrin Hyde
Mastering by Lachie Mears


Limited Edition Merch

Get your hands on the first official range of Grains merchandise!


We are producing only FIVE premium giclée prints of the album art for each of our Grains-duo releases Dualism and Zeta (ζ). 


Purchase any one of these prints and you will also get a free digital download of both.

Purchase both and heck, we'll be stoked enough to put you on the door of our next gig, we'll also send you an exclusive unreleased demo!

⇜ Click the album art!


Check out our band's live rendition of Glyph

Follow us on SoundCloud: 

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